Food & medical packaging

Performance-driven packaging films to packaging containers for retail use

The excellent binding and heat sealing characteristics of Fybrel® make it indispensable to nonwoven fabrics used in food packaging and pharmaceutical and medical packaging which require good drainage. By combining Fybrel® with natural pulp, it effectively advances molding properties such as thermo forming and embossing.

  • Teabags

  • Coffeepods

  • Food wrapping & packaging

  • Food trays

  • Medical trays & disposable medical use paper wrapping

Paper products

Labels and cards to quality fancy paper

Fybrel® papermaking paper and mixed paper have excellent dimensional stability and superior humidity and water resistance. Fybrel® allows extensive design freedom and its wide-ranging embossing possibilities making it ideal for debossed or sculpted designs and designs requiring transparency in addition to applications requiring durability such as labels, cards, and fancy paper.

  • Labels

  • Embossed cards

  • Fancy paper

  • Gift & wrapping products

  • Waterproof printing paper

  • Wallpaper

Paints & industrial materials

Materials to bolsters construction qualities (anti-sagging), crack prevention, and dimensional stability

Combining Fybrel® with base materials bolsters particle retention by virtue of its fibrillated structure, thixotropy, viscosity controllability, material derived cracking prevention, and dimensional stability. When used as indicated, Fybrel® has low impact to the human body making it suitable for wide industrial applications. (KEMIBESTO™, a dried and fluffed polyolefin synthetic pulp Fybrel® is widely used in paints and coatings.)

  • Paints

  • Paints for ships

  • Cement roof tiles

  • Mortar bases

  • Construction boards

  • Wallpaper

Industrial materials

Porous material molding and pore dimension control

Fybrel® has superior heat sealing properties and chemical resistance. By combining it with other materials, its fibrillated structure allows diverse functions and usages.

  • Filters

  • Battery separators

  • Air-laid nonwovens

  • Pulp mold products

  • Conductive paper

  • Turf paper

  • Speaker cones

Beauty and Health

Natural fibers to chemical fibers

By combining Fybrel® with natural pulp and cotton, exclusive paper and nonwoven fabrics fusing the best features of both natural materials and polyolefin are possible.

  • Oil-blotting paper

  • Cotton puffs

  • Disposable nonwoven diapers

  • Insect repellent wrapping paper